Wednesday, January 23, 2008

heh, heh

we've decided to refinance our house, just to get a leg up you know? the house is being assessed today, and i spent several hours while my boys were at my mother in laws decluttering, so the house shows the best that it can, we have done tons of work in the last three years and i want credit! plus the market has changed, so what it would be worth three years ago when we bought it isn't what the market is today.

anyway...i asked dave to carry stuff upstairs and down to the basement as well as vaccuum and mop the downstairs, which he did a great job of with no complaints, he went to put his boots on to go to work this morning, and suddenly he noticed the clumps of dried mud he is leaving all over the floor as he walks!!! i have been complaining about his boots for ages, but when he cleans the it matters!!

he grabbed the hand vac and cleaned it up while i thought to myself, heh, heh...i told you so!

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