Tuesday, January 22, 2008

boys rule! (your life)

As the mother of only boys to this point in my life I guess I have a few things to contribute!
It starts when they are newborns, this tiny little guy with his fuzzy little head charms you. Then you bring him home and sooner or later this happens:

For me though it was usually my lap, my couch, or my bed, and at least on a few occasions my face or my sons face-my older boy peed in his own face and then was really upset about it, I thought it was kind of funny until he got me! and that firehose reference? yeah, that much force and wetter than you would think! when it comes to keeping it clean, well neither of my boys want you poking around down there too much!

as far as peeing on things intentionally so far it has just been my floors, my bed twice, and in the tub. but he's only two and just figuring out that he can aim it at things, and its still cold outside, but give us some time and i'm sure i'll have my share of this:

The other big thing I've noticed about boys is they are always on the go, boys throw things, climb things, use the couch as a jungle gym, play hard, hug hard, kiss hard and definitely get into things, thankfully my kids have never done anything like this:

but the baby can't even sit up yet, give them time!

and last but not least, they have no appreciation for things that are important to the woman in the house, be it things you don't want ruined, cups of tea, quiet time, chatting with friends, or more importantly:

No this kid is not freakishly blue, this is my attempt at making the picture a little more decent for blogger!

No matter what though little boys rock! (I'll have to let you know about big boys) You find yourself playing trains, crashing matchbox cars, wrestling, standing outside in your pj's with your hair a mess so your little guy can waive at the garbage men, and even taking driving directions from the back seat driver ( in a car seat). Farts are hysterical,(especially squeezed out well timed ones.) burps are funnier, and all problems can be solved by throwing them in the air or onto the couch, the higher the better!

I cherish my guys while they are small, cause they are only small and soft for a little while, they grow up to be big, stinky, hairy men! (trust me I'm a nurse-I know these things! We won't discuss how many naked men I've seen in my line of work!)

*photos came from a joke email so I don't know how to credit them, but if you know who to credit them too, I'd be happy to post it!

my little boys:

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mothergoosemouse said...

Dealing with strange naked men - yet another reason I have such great respect for nurses!

Thank you for the kind words and giggles.