Thursday, January 3, 2008

evil mom

i'm an evil, evil mom. i asked for this for christmas:

it's a dirt devil handheld vac-it's pretty, it cleans up messes.

i just taught my two year old how to use it! while i blog and hold the baby, he is running around like a little mad man vacuuming up dog fur! he's happy, i'm happy!

now what chores can i get a three month old to do?

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jeankfl said...

HAHAHA!!!!!! You're learning! You can also always tell where he is! Just make sure you can always hear it moving! I think this is the best time.. they want to help sooooo much, and love to do chores like a "big kid"! Good thinking, kiddo. Happy New Year, Ali.. hope your year is even better than 2007