Thursday, January 24, 2008

pretend play

i pick up the baby who is fussing on the floor-tummy time you know- i tell him what a big boy he is and that he did a good job,as i'm talking to him i sit on the couch. Will says-whoa mom, get up your sitting on the bones! he looks very distressed and animated waving his arms at me and saying "get up! shoo, shoo! go sit down there! and points to the other end of the couch covered in his bowl of cheerios, his blanket, his binky. I ask him to move his stuff then, he decides instead to move the imaginary bones to make a place for me, he picks them up and throws them on the floor, he tells me to hold on, he has to move the dirt too, and throws armloads of imaginary dirt from the couch to the floor. he says look! a tiny bug and holds up his empty hand to show me, i pretend to eat it, his eyes get very wide and he says no, spit it out! and holds his hand up to my mouth.

just another exciting afternoon at my house!

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Jeankfl said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, encouraging pretend play and imagination! I think it is a vital component in childhood. I blogged about it last year. It's great Will has such a vivid imagination. Keep up the good work, Mom!