Tuesday, January 8, 2008


ok, i know i'm not posting, i'm just busy. there is plenty to write about though!

my son who is not three until april, is most definately already three in his head. this week he has started using words and sentences he never has before, he talks back like gang busters, he is super helpful, is willing to help pick up, follow directions, cook supper whatever i want. some things he has said lately:

"you're killing me mom"

when i had built him a car out of blocks and he wanted me to modify it i told him to wait, he made the meanest face he could muster, and said " you never make a car!" i told him he was in danger of a serious time out, and he was not allowed to talk to me like that, he decided to knock it off.
he is drawing pictures and for the first time telling me what they are! "a lion"

can you see it? i darkend the picture to make it clearer

he's so proud of himself! here he is hard at work:

lets not forgot Ben! he's up to all kinds of new things too! like this:

he fell over right after i took this, he can only hold it for a few seconds, but how cute is he!
and yesterday we started this:

he's a little confused by the experience, but he did well. can you see the red peach fuzz? i hope he keeps it!

on a more serious note we have had two immediate family members be hospitalized within two days of each other. one has since gone home and the other may be placed in a nursing home which no one is happy about but it has become a safety issue.

house projects like crazy, behind on the laundry, need to pay bills and go grocery shopping.

so that is what i have been up to!

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jeankfl said...

Sounds like normal life! The boys are getting bigger.. and Ben is just multi talented, isn't he??lol Hope your new year is going well for you, Ali.