Thursday, November 1, 2007

nablopomo day 1-halloween edition

so last year i attempted this and failed just short of my goal-why i think it'll work with two kids i'm not sure-as i stand and type this my son is punching my butt-for example. (not being bad by the way like he's doing karate.)

we were up at 2am and then sort of just dozed between hourly feedings...don't you want my life? and since i made Will's costume yesterday morning i didn't clean, it looks like a hurricane hit the inside of my house oh and i may be having company very shortly-if everyones colds are better.

so on to the important stuff the amazing costume i made my son, i'm really proud of it!

adorable no? it's amazing what you can do with an ll bean coat, kahki pants, duct tape, electrical tape, a pool noodle and some velcro! the hat we had-i'm not that good!

here's a few more pics-my beautiful baby-i didn't make this costume

and i made oxygen tanks!

hope you all had a good halloween!

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