Friday, November 6, 2009

Aiming Low, aims high and throws an amazing party!

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the Aiming Low party in Boston. I'm still trying to figure out how I paid nothing for drinks, lobster ravioli-among other awesome food, and great company but shhhhh!! Don't tell them ok?

I was prepared to drive to Boston myself, but invited my friend Kim to come with me. Kim is not part of the blogging world, so had no idea what I was dragging her to. I promised her a party and night out, and sweetened the deal by arranging to meet up with an old coworker we are both friends with after for a drink.

It was a d*mn good thing I brought her as I got lost and her phone had a gps, highlight of trip is when we see the huge lit up glowing sign in the skyline and yell " We CAN get there from here!!"

We arrived at the party, ate our weight in lobster ravioli, attempted to have a drink-but those babies where strong, and I'm not a drinker!! I mean-well, I drink, but I'm not really a strong drink girl. mudslide anyone? Then moved to another room with all sorts of fun machines lining the walls.

We got to see some amazingly cute video's of each of the Aiming Low woman explaining how they aim low. That was it, I had found my did I not know about them for so long?!

Lots of socializing, cool swag literally all over the place, lots and lots of office supplies on tables, and my favorite thing-the usb drives in the swag bags. I had dragged my laptop to boston as I could not locate my one and only usb.

Sadly I did not get to play with the printers, because although I had brought my laptop, literally moments before I left the house I had been using it to get directions. My 2 year old climbed up on my island and sprayed it with windex. I mean a lot, it was dripping, right into the keyboard. Once I was ready to print pictures, my laptop was not. It is still broken, but fixable and it will only cost 30.00, until then blogging from my husbands laptop.

I loved the touch computer screens-they looked like televisons, but had amazing touch screens-to be honest I have no idea what I would need that for, or how to use it, but it was fun to play with. Also fell in love with the hp mini's. I so want one!

Some photo's to prove I was there!

the fancy room:
my girlfriend kim

Katie from motherbumper:

anissa from freeanissa-speaking!

We had an amazing time, and my friend Kim loved meeting all these people, and won a 250.00 gift certificate to staples!
A side note, there were Aiming Low stickers on the tables and I placed one on my laptop. My husband is baffled why I would want a sticker that says Aiming Low. I explained that that is the name of the group who threw the party-he said-wouldn't they want to Aim High? I stopped trying to explain it, some people are just not going see life our way!


Jen said...

So glad you had a good time with us Aiming Low girls and I'm glad your windexed computer will be ok :)

ALI said...

Thanks Jen-and thanks for stopping by my little blog!