Saturday, November 14, 2009

sleep fail!

Last night I attempted to go to bed early..but our kids had other plans. Ben was in bed with us again so I could keep an eye on him. We have a king, so it's no big deal to have a kid in bed with us, which is good since our four year old joins us fairly often. About an hour after we all fell asleep I woke up to Ben on my pillow because Will had decided to join us and was in his spot. That quickly turned itself into two sleepy boys annoying each other in the bed, and I was getting flat out beat up with flying arms and legs.

At one point I looked over to see my 6ft 220 lb husband balancing himself on the edge of the bed, so I grabbed our oldest by one leg and one arm and pulled him back to the center of the bed, and said-DAVE! gain some ground! Ben is literally throwing himself around trying to get comfortable and I'm getting baby arms and legs in the face. I keep trying to move him back towards the center of the bed, he is digging his heels into my back. Then Ben decided he wanted to get to the other side of me, but I was on the edge of the bed, and kept catching him (and being scared awake) as he threw himself over my body, towards the floor. Finally Ben got annoyed and threw himself toward the end of the bed to get out of the tangle of arms and legs. I remember being so mad that I started throwing stuffed pigs(yes we have three) around my room trying to create space for everyone.

Finally Will fell asleep enough that I could move him back to his bed, put Ben back between us and sleep a little. I'm beyond tired and Dave tells me that he got up at three am and came down to the couch to try to sleep, but didn't. I think all the members of this family will be sleeping in their own beds tonight, now excuse me, I need a nap.

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