Tuesday, November 17, 2009

amusing things

In light of the fact that I am working tomorrow, and have to get this place MOM-clean. (as in my mom is coming here to watch my kids at 6:15 am) (yeah she rocks) AND my husband just called to say he is coming in late and has no idea how late that might be...tonight will be a simple bullet point of stuff I have been thinking about.

  • NEIL PATRICK HARRIS joined twitter yesterday, I love him and would like to marry him-I know he's gay, and shut up cause in my head he is not..and I'm not a married mother of two..but I digress.
  • I don't think anyone in blog land fully understands my love of Dr Horrible. My friends do because I keep making them watch it when they come here.
  • Can someone please explain to my why boys MUST spit/throw food? I have no idea what I will do when our old golden is not here-I call her my quicker picker upper, as in quicker than me.
  • Does anyone else think it's funny that my 2 year old can say "no time out" clear as a bell? Two is the age of rules around here, but this child will be the death of me, he flat out does not care what I think.
  • My son skinned his knee at 8am this morning, its 5pm and he is still limping around. He accidently hit his knee with his hand about an hour ago and he said, "or hitting your own knee which is already damaged" is this kid really four?
  • It appears to me my kids are having dry kix for dinner, since they helped themselves when I sat down to write this and are both on their second bowls. AIMING LOW!
  • This is me trying to tell my son a knock-knock joke today-at his request,

ME-knock knock

HIM-whose there


HIM-banana who?

ME-knock knock

HIM knock knock

ME no-you say whose there?

HIM whose there

ME banana

HIM whose there,

ME-no you say banana who?

HIM banana who, mom-you need to stop saying banana, say something about the banana-like banana slipped on a banana peel or something...

Apparently I can't even tell a joke right in this house, and my four year old must give me pointers!

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