Sunday, November 1, 2009


Why can't I let a November go by and not participate? I have no idea, but it calls to me, and I love the commitment of it. So I will sign up, because I need to, because I want to.

Just for your entertainment-my husband is sitting about a foot away from me asking "are you done yet?" I told him this is not conducive to the writing process.

Also-my laptop is broken, as in my adorable two year old baby sprayed it with cleaning solution. I mean till it was dripping wet. The fact that I was going to the aiming low Boston party that very night apparently was lost on him. I was bringing my laptop since it had all my pictures on it, and I lost my one and only USB. Thanks aiming low for providing with a new one for me later that night.

I'm announcing that I'm in, I have only succesfully completed one Nablopomo, one year I tried and failed, one year I tried and finished, one year I forgot it existed-but ya know, I was in the middle of newborn with breastfeeding problems, so probably better. No one would want to read a month of -wow my nipples hurt, and this kids prefers one breast over the other...

We are enjoying a very nice fall so far in new england, since summer was kind of not... I will show you some of our fall pics.

Those faces right there? The reason I don't run screaming for the hills!!

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