Thursday, November 12, 2009

housework and sick kids.

Today started as a highly successful day, my sister came over to help wrangle the short people and we jumped into tasks that have been putting off around here for lack of another adult. I hate being interrupted when I finally decide to start something but that translates into I never start.

We folded and put away piles of laundry, pushed laundry through, decluttered, did dishes but as the day went on it became clear that Ben was not feeling well he woke up with a high temp from his nap.

After a trip to the md he probably has the flu and at the md's office had a temp of 104 with tylenol in him. He felt better after some motrin, and played a little before bed. We got him settled in our bed and I'm listening to my little boy and his daddy try to out snore each other. Tonight will be a long night of med dosing every three hours. Wish me luck.

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