Friday, November 13, 2009

sick kid+numb brain

My brain is numb, I have taken care of whiney sick kids since last night and I have hit the point where I have medicated so many times that I can't remember what med I gave when if I don't write it down.

My oldest has been extra whiney and sleepy-I believe he is coming down with something, or fighting off something. Either way he is suddenly feeling extra needy and as soon as you get the baby-who IS sick off your lap, he jumps on looking for his cuddle time. What is super-fun though is when Ben is laying on me, and Will wants to cuddle too, and Ben starts wacking him on the head telling him to go away...apparently when you are two and sick you don't want to share your mama? We have a no hitting policy here, but am I supposed to put a sick baby in time out? I haven't, but the things you end up thinking about.

I should be receiving my new laptop keyboard any day now..not thrilled with the company we ordered from, as they are taking a lot of time to ship a part. Can't wait to have my laptop back.

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