Tuesday, November 10, 2009

throwing down the gauntlet

I stopped by Aiming Low to read whatever was posted and I found this post by Tena. Go ahead and read it, I'll wait.


Today I got a reply back from Tena. Here is a screen shot of the comments section-yes, for you I googled how to get a picture of your screen and followed the handy-dandy directions.

See now I started thinking about how that might be taken as a joke-see the floor. I live in a 1200 square foot house, and its a colonial, so you know 600 up 600 down. We have high ceilings and have remodeled to an open floor plan, so it doesn't *Feel* so small, but still seriously lacking floor space. It takes my boys no more than an afternoon to trash this place-and while I do clean it about once a day-so I can see the floor, it often looks like this:

Why yes, I do hang the boys coats on the curtain tie backs in front of the coat closet, much better than say opening the closet to get them. Also-why is the vaccum out? That belongs in the coat closet-not in the middle of floor. Oh and yes-we have four ride on toys, for inside the house-I know I only have two kids, but I often have more over..it works, it just does.

Please to notice all the random crap under the coffee table...I pick that stuff up every day and it keeps coming back!

Now for this last shot I am standing in my kitchen and the weird whitish thing on the right is the start of my kitchen cupboards, so this mess just rolls right on into my kitchen. It's fun.
Does anyone elses house end up looking like this EVERY. DAY. because really? I think I win.
If you can beat this-show me! I will be forever greatful and not feel like such a crappy housewife!

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Tenakim said...

first- curtain tie backs = coat racks- GENIUS!

I would take a pic and live up to the challenge, but since my unexpected visit and my complete cleaning binge from embarassment- my house is still relatively clean- but just wait.