Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Things my kids have done in the last week.

Will, my four year old, hid his bathing suit on friday instead of putting it on. He did not want to swim because the life guards tell him what to do, and he doesnt like being told what to do. Then he told me he didn't remember where he hid it. I sent him to time out until he remembered. He finally "remembered" that he threw it down the basement stairs I sent him to get it. He came up with a toy "for ben" that we had put down there because it was loud and obnoxious. Later he tells me the bathing suit was under the the little side trip to the basement was a con...awesome.

Ben has pushed a stool from the island up to the counter, and is shoving his little hand into the sugar bowl and sucking his fingers. When I take him off the stool he says "moa suga peese!" I tell him no more sugar, he gets more insistant, "MOA SUGA PEESE!!" repeat until Ben is in time out as he won't stop pushing the stool up to the counter.

I find Ben in the upstairs bathroom all drawers/doors in cabinet open, screwdrivers he got out of cabinet lined up sticking out of baseboard heater. The tub is blasting cold water and he has a little cup tub toy and is flinging water all over the floor.

Ben again-yup going for the sugar, but instead finds the clorox clean up I put on top of the counter in the corner to get it away from him. Sitting and spraying it all over his clothes and floor. yeah he ruined those clothes.

and yes..Ben again, this time I hear splashing from the downstairs bathroom. I find him using my toilet brush "cleaning" the toilet. I tell him he needs to get out of the bathroom he says "no thank you! and goes right back to splashing.

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