Sunday, November 18, 2007

happy birthday to my husband

happy birthday dave! i have known you since you were 12 years old and having sleep overs with my brother. back then you were really really tall and impossibly thin, you had braces that i only vaguely remember.

i love you and i appreciate all that you do for us, for this family. i know the long hours that you work, in the heat, in the cold. i see all the nights you leave one job and go to the other to make us a little extra money. i appreciate all the time you spend talking to, holding and caring for your children. i love your sense of humor, your integrity, that you wrinkle your forehead just like your infant son.

we have been together 11 years, we have been married for 7, we have been parents for 2 1/2.
i have loved every minute of it, and i could not imagine being at this place in my life with anyone else, i firmly believe you are the only person who fit's me, my only match, noone else would understand me, make me laugh, and shoulder the responsibilty of this family with me. and you make cute kids too!

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