Monday, November 19, 2007

i must be crazy

i must have lost my mind! this weekend was daves birthday party so yesterday between prepping all the food i had to bring to my in-laws, bathing everybody and dressing them in nice clothes nothing got cleaned. then we brought more stuff home with us than we left with! the house is a disaster area and i have a money guy coming tonight at 5:30!

what truly classifies me as crazy though is that instead of cleaning the house i'm making a bigger mess cleaning out cupboards-i didn't set out to clean cupboards, i'm missing some peices to a bottle and since i only seem to have 6 of them every peice counts! i did a quick scan of the basement just now because i am sure we have more bottles somewhere, but i can't find them. i also can't spend a whole lot of time down there because the kids are up here.

we had a wonderful time at the party yesterday-dave did very well for gifts, we didn't care about the gifts but he came home with 600.00 between gift cards and cash. apparently people really like him! he isn't sure what he wants to do with it, but it's all his to do as he pleases with.
(it shouldn't be that surprising that people gave him that much when you think about it, he has worked in or on every single persons house that came to party for little or nothing, that's the kind of guy he is-he is there for his family and friends)

ok i have a ton of stuff to do, so that's it for now! maybe i'll have time later to write more, have a good day.

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