Wednesday, November 28, 2007

your loving and supportive wife

Go me! Yesterday was a complete and total bust as far as grocery shopping went, so this morning I had everyone dressed and ready to go by 8am hit the grocery store and got wills haircut. It seems however that while morning is the best time of day for Will, Ben who usually sleeps much of the morning did not, then he cried much of the afternoon. So go in the morning for Will or go in the afternoon for Ben, either way someone isn't going to be happy!

here is a little laugh for you:

My brother recieved this email from his wife earlier today and thought it was funny enough to share with me and my husband ( as well as half a dozen people he works with) Weston is my 2 yr old nephew, and Ella is my four year old neice

Subject: Two good reasons to clean up after yourself!

I know you believe that you are a clean person, but I will give you two good reasons to clean up after yourself...

1. Take your prints back to work with you. Weston was going at one with a pen this morning. I saved it before any real damage was done.

2. Your son just came into the library and Ella starts yelling "Weston is eating something yucky". I look over and he has a fork in his hand and some type of old food stuck to it. It took me a few min. to recognize that it was your chicken from last night still attached to the fork. That is nasty!

I am sure I will come up with more by the end of the day. Love you...clean up your dirty sh*t! Have a good day!

Your loving and supportive wife, Jenn.

I kind of think this could come from any wife chasing kids all day!

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Jeankfl said...

Ben's getting so cute!! And looking so alert. I love that age.. from 2 months or so to about 3 years, I love them..even the terrible twos! They're just such sponges, you can watch the wheels turning in their brains!! Have a great holiday season!