Tuesday, November 13, 2007

just glad today is over!

today was a rough day, Ben had a two month check up, the pede said he hadn 't gained enough weight. i know that is because of the thrush situation-too much detail to post here, but the short version is due to pain i had been nursing sometimes, pumping sometimes and formula sometimes, apparently he needs to eat more. i think i have the situation under control though, we go back for a weight check in one week-now he is 9lbs 6 oz.

i noticed a spot on the white of his left eye this weekend. it didn't change or get better or worse and it wasn't bothering him, so i waited for the apt today. well the pede referred us to an opthamologist who could see us now. leave the pede, fill the car with gas, grab Will lunch through the drive through, head to the nearest big city, (about 30 mins with traffic) find the building, park in parking garage, carry my no-nap toddler while pushing my infant, wait FOREVER, but be thankful the guy agreed to fit us in. he thinks the spot on the eye is inflammed-(no kidding) but the eye itself is fine, gave us some drops and sent us home. so an 11:30 am pede trip turned into a full day, driving home in end of the day traffic, we got home a few minutes to 5pm.

Will was amazing-he was sooo tired, but behaved so well the whole time. i was so impressed i gave him one of his christmas presents early for doing such a good job. i am sure though that tomorrow he will be whiny-you can only push him so far!

i decided to go to yoga but just could not shake this day, my body just would not do what i wanted, i didn't get the emotional lift i usually do, i ended up leaving kind of defeated. i came home and talked to dave and he was wonderful, so supportive. that's what i love about this guy, when the chips are down he is always there for me.

so this week its mission fatten up the baby, i won't even get into the guilt involved in being told you aren't feeding your kid enough! alright it's late and said baby needs cuddling. goodnight.

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Jeankfl said...

Doing good! Glad you came and commented, cause I lost you! I'm still mainly on spaces..I forget to put some of them over here sometimes. The boys look so big! I like the pic of all three of your boys asleep together! Hope you're starting to get enough rest, that's important to get Ben enough milk. My mom had to drink a beer every evening to increase milk production!! Times change! But, slow down,and don't worry so much about the house. If you're tired, you can't produce as well. Looks like you're doing well.