Friday, November 2, 2007

this mommy's prayer

please give me the strength not to kill my two year old when he is fresh, runs away, touches things i just told him not too, throws things i just told him not too, refuses to eat, refuses to just lay down and take his nap, messes with his infant brother, throws water all over my bathroom so it leaks through my dining room ceiling, refuses to sit nicely in time out, sticks his tongue out at me when he doesn't like what i am telling him....

kudos on making him so darn cute though, those big brown eyes, huge eyelashes, curly brown hair and dimples go a long way to keeping him alive...

please let the baby sleep well tonight,( it goes a long way to making it through the day without killing the aforementioned child.)

please grant me the wisdom to understand why if one boy cries the other boy cries, and why this must happen when i'm trying to cook supper, or clean, or go to the bathroom, or eat...

please grant my husband the wisdom to not tell me that i get to" stay home all day and he has to go to work"-especially when he runs out of patience long before i do when he does spend a day at home with us, and has yet to watch both of his children alone yet.

thank you for sugar and caffeine, good job on that one, pretty sure you had mom's in mind when you came up with them.

thank you for allowing me to discover what it is like to not take care of children for a whole hour, and rediscover how much i enjoy yoga, and a new appreciation for exercise and movement, and time to just breath.

thank you for gifting me two healthy boys, and this amazing time in my life, which despite how tired i may be, i cherish. i live for them, and i would be incomplete without them. thank you as well for a husband who is willing to work himself to the bone, who loves his boys as i do, who devotes himself to this family and our needs-even if he says some bonehead things.

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