Friday, November 30, 2007

30 things

i have never written a hundred things post, and to be honest i have three children under 2 in this house right now (my niece is here) and i don't have time. so in honor of completing nablopomo for the first time ever here are 30 things:

1) i'm really short. i'm the shortest one in either of our families. i'm 4'11 1/2" yes that half inch counts. i thought i was 4'11 3/4" but i was corrected by a doctor. (who thought it was funny).
1a) my husband is 6ft tall, i tell him i married him to reach me things.

2)i'm a nurse-no surprise there, i wanted to be a nurse because i liked people, i have been a nurse 3 years and i'm not so sure i do anymore. but i am good at what i do.

3) i have two sons that i live for, but i might have to kill the 2 yr old, nothing personal.

4) i have two nieces and a nephew i would do anything for.

5) my nephew is two and has cystic fibrosis. that is now the only charity i give to or fund raise for.

6) i hate to capitalize when i type, it slows me down. i also write like i talk, a pile of run on sentences with no end in sight.

7) i love my house but don't love my neighborhood, we need to decide in the next two years if we want to stay and send our sons to private school ( which i have no idea how we would afford) or move to a better area.

8) i suck at paying bills, but it is still my job.

9) i despise housework, but i have to do it all cause hubby is never home, we need clean clothes, clean dishes and a clean place for the kids to play.

10) i love to stay home, i only go to work cause i have no choice. oh and to help pay for the house and benefits and stuff.

11) i used to paint, and read. but i did both late at night and now i just need to go to sleep.

12) i read fast. i can start a book and read until the book is over in one sitting, i don't even notice that time has gone by. i have managed to stay up all night reading and not even know it was 5am. yeah that was before kids.

13) i like hostess cupcakes, i'm eating one right now.

14) i love yoga, i would like to go three times a week but i feel too guilty to leave my kids that often just for me, i average once a week.

15) i have won two parent bloggers blog blast contests, once i won 100.00, once i won a pair of stride rite sneakers(which is good cause i only buy stride rite)

16) i only buy stride rite because i feel they are made by experts in childrens feet, and will therefore be more comfortable, not rub, are very well made. until my sons can tell me how their feet feel in their shoes, only stride rite. but they cost more than my shoes!

17)i am passionate about breastfeeding, that said i have had a really hard time breastfeeding my second child. i can see why people quit.

18) i avoid the news as much as possible. my family had some stuff happen to us, not of our own doing, we were on the news. we watched the news a lot while it was happening. i now cannot sit and watch what bad stuff has happened all day to people.

19) due to the above point, i am a completely uniformed registered voter, and i'm not really cool with that.

20) i'm really sick of all the toy recalls, i suspect the problem is worse than we are aware of, i don't know how in the hell to fix it and i'm not buying toys for other peoples children. now they are getting stuff like books and board games. i've bought stuff for my own kids for this christmas i hope to god is safe.

21)i have been making toys out of cardboard boxes a lot lately, it saves money, keeps my kid busy, and doesn't contain lead. so far cars and play kitchens.

22) i love to sleep, before i had kids i could sleep half the day away, now if i get up at 7am that's late!

23) i wear almost exclusively old navy clothes. they look ok to be out running errands in, they aren't that expensive so if they get ruined i don't care much, and they are in style.

24) i really enjoy crunching ice, but it drives my husband crazy. i do it anyway.

25) i think it's a good thing i'm going back to work next week, when i'm home too long i start to feel put upon, everything is my job. at work everything is still my job, but i come face to face with how tough things can really be, and then i appreciate home.

26) i blog because i have stuff to say, because i like the voyeuristic aspect, because i have come to care about people i don't even know, because i don't have time to read books, because it was free entertainment, because i want to matter. i like the feeling of thinking out loud, and darn it my kids are cute! i know i get a good amount of traffic (thanks to site meter) but almost no comments, what's up with that? i love comments!

27) i love to dance and sing, but i can't, but i still do.
i think i appreciate music more because i can't sound like that no matter how hard i try.

28) my kids and my family come first, everything else can wait.

29) i'm very easy going, i let most things just roll off my back, but if i make a big deal out something i will not back down.

30) when you come to my house, help yourself to the food, put your feet on my coffee table, use the laptop that is always out on the island, watch the huge tv in the living room, cause if you are in my house you are family.

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Jeankfl said...

Congrats on making 30 days!! I was going to try, but didn't.. And, now I'm glad I didn't. I like your 30.. just keep adding to it, and you'll hit 101! That's how I had to do it. I never thought I'd come up with that many, but I read everyone else's, and eventually came up with them. WOW! You're shorter than me! That's almost hard to to.. I'm 5'3".. glad to find smaller people, makes me feel taller!! Keep writing a lot and start visiting and commenting on other's and they'll come back and leave comments, too.. that's how to build them..