Monday, November 5, 2007

my thoughts today

is it really only 8pm? i swear it should be midnight by now! it has been a very long day of not getting stuff done due to a very cranky infant, and a very patient 2 year old who just wanted me to play with him. here's hoping tomorrow is better!

i think the babies reflux is acting up again, and i think it took me far too long to figure that out, lots of crying that just doesn't make sense, dave (hubby) suggested maybe he needs his zantac three times a day instead of two and i'm sure he's right.

so what is on my mind tonight is the need to escape, after a long day of child care it is amazing what a nice long shower or two hours to go to yoga can do. poor dave worked all day (construction) picked up dinner on the way home cause we need groceries and i would not have been able to cook anyway, wolfed down his kfc, put on clean clothes went to a wake with his parents for a neighbor, finally gets back home at 7pm and i ran for the shower! i have been begrudgingly allowing him to go bowling with is dad once a week, it's the only thing he does for himself for fun. problem solved, now i drop the kiddies off to my mother in law for an hour or two until daddy is done bowling and he brings them home while i stretch my extremely cramped body from breastfeeding and toddler lifting! i come home a new woman! i think i'll go to yogs tomorrow too, but i haven't told dave yet! :)

i'm making my son a kitchen out of cardboard boxes...mostly because he fell in love with one at the toy store that was way too expensive and way to big. i don't know where this creative streak came from but i'm going with it, it's saving me money, and more importantly i enjoy it.

if i could find time to work on it...

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