Saturday, November 24, 2007

nothing much

it hasn't been an overly exciting day here. nice and quiet just the way i like it, although it would have been nice if dave had been home.

he went to his sisters to do some wiring, but was able to buy some things with his birthday money that he has been wanting for a long time but didn't have the money or reason to purchase. he bought a chain saw and a backpack leaf blower. he is very happy! big boy toys!

i got a haircut this morning, then spent the day cuddling with the baby, doing laundry, doing dishes, stuff like that, it was a very slow paced day.

right now every boy in this house is asleep in his bed( including the large breadwinning one)
it's 8:30pm. don't worry they will all be up at 5am. i'm the one who doesn't fit in, i could sleep all day if they would leave me alone, and i like to be up at night-well before i had this family anyway, now i'm ready for bed somewhere between 8-10pm.

alright i'm going to eat my nightly bowl of ice cream and sleep while the sleeping is good!

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Jeankfl said...

Great pics!! The boys look great. Glad piglet finally gained like he should!! Maybe things are picking up. Sounds like you need to go to bed earlier!! Or let the big boy take the little ones while you sleep later!LOL.. Yeah.. Have a great weekend!