Saturday, November 10, 2007

our bedtime routine

At bedtime each night we tell Will that it's time to go rockies-that means rock in the glider rocker with mom or dad before bed. Each night he stalls a little, tells us he doesn't want to go bed, he wants to "pay toyz"-or play with his toys in english. We tell him it's bedtime and give him the choice as to who will rock him tonight-every night he picks mommy, unless i'm physically not here. Sometimes he brings toys to bed with him-always trucks.

We go upstairs with his sippy of milk, his binky(yup still got one), and his blue blanket that we have three of. We get in the rocker and he cuddles-sometimes we sing silly songs, sometimes we have a tickle fight, sometimes he tries to pick my nose while I yell no!, no!, no! in silly voices, sometimes we just rock. We usually talk about his day, or who loves him. Lately we have been singing this old man, frere jacque, and now itsy bitsy spider but sung this way:

Will and Ben and Mommy and Daddy went up the water spout, down came the rain and washed us all out (giggle from Will here), up came the sun and dried up all the rain and Will and Ben and Mommy and Daddy went up the spout again!

now sing that 5 or 6 times!

I put the blanket over my shoulder and he either puts his head on it on my shoulder or lays on his back and puts it over his face, he pulls his ear while we rock.

once he is sleepy i put him in his crib, one blue blanket we use to cover him, one i lay beside him so he can rub it with his hand while he falls asleep. i tell him "i love you, love you" I started saying that when he was a little baby because one I love you didn't seem like enough. when I leave and close the door I say "na-night baby" and he says "see you soon" i giggle and close his door.

next we feed and change Ben, get him settled and maybe go to bed ourselves after a bowl of ice cream!

or we end the night like this:

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